200 people gather at Doubtful Creek picnic



Two hundred people gathered at the Doubtful Creek blockade site yesterday for a community picnic. The day saw local farmers, Githabul traditional owners, Kyogle residents and friends from across the Northern Rivers enjoy a barbecue, speakers and music as the local community prepares to defend their land from Metgasco’s planned CSG exploration operations.

Thousands of people recently took part in a survey in the Kyogle LGA area, including Doubtful Creek, with over 92% declaring that they want their land and roads to be csg free. This aligns well with the Lismore 87% opposition at the last elections.

It is expected that Metgasco will attempt to move the rig to Doubtful Creek in sometime in the coming week.

“The large gathering of these determined people here yesterday shows that this toxic industry is being forced on us- local people do not want it,” said local resident Dean Draper.

“The local farmers and residents want nothing to do with any industry that has the capacity to poison their land, water and air. We want to protect the health of our children, of our families.”

“My neighbours are coming together and discovering their common interest which includes the preservation of their land, community, land values and lifestyles.”
“We want to protect jobs in the rural industry, tourism and many others that would be negatively affected if coal seam gas mining was allowed to spoil this place,” he said.

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